Keeping Patients Healthy After We Leave the Doctor.

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What could doctors do to help keep patients healthy after we leave the doctor? Starts with us. Stop demanding a prescription so we could get on our way.

Doctor keeping a patient healthy.

Doctors may be treating us just as we expect.

It is hard to overstate the influence that doctors could have on keeping patients healthy after they leave their care. They could be doing so much more.

Unfortunately, even as active adults, there is a strong sense that the primary duty of a doctor in a 15 minute visit is diagnose, write a prescription and get us out on time.

Blame us, the patient, because that is what we are used to expecting. It also matches our desire to get examined without delay, get fixed with the right prescription and get on with our life.

Blame the doctor, he is just making a living or the healthcare system because it doesn’t pay for him to use more than the allotted time.

Or the big blame in the last few years is that the medical schools are not turning out graduates who place value in looking for creative ways to change.

There are huge indications that at the medical schools, positive changes are happening.

Here is an interesting program that breaks the stereotype, The Med School That Mixes science and Health Policy as reported by Julie Rovner in Kaiser Health News:

“Clinicians today have to graduate being great providers of individual care,” said Dr. Lawrence Deyton, the senior associate dean who’s spearheading this effort. “But they also have to recognize and be able to act on the fact that their patients, when they leave the clinic or leave the hospital, are going home [and] living in situations where there are all kinds of factors that promote and perpetuate chronic disease.”

Why is this important to you and me?

Follow the money trail. Even the most healthy of us pay for health someone else’s health care costs that, if treated differently, might be prevented. It comes out either through higher insurance premiums, decreased insurance coverage, or taxes as we struggle to fund our nation’s bills.

If we can only get the concept of wellness moved beyond conversation and pubic relations to become real, the savings to you and me will be enormous.

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