Culture Under Siege by Hysterical Media?

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Houston where voters have elected a lesbian mayor three times in a row gets the hysterical media treatment to try to put their culture under siege.

Houston where voters have elected a lesbian mayor three times in a row gets the hysterical media treatment.

Media using its might and power to cajole, shame and put culture under siege.

Ahhh, as much as a society is willing to accept, contemporary politics together with media will always find a way to take center stage to oversee and “guide” our thoughts. It will use its power to find or manufacture an injury and its might to cajole and shame.

Americans have proven in the past that when the smoke and hysteria of politics fades away we are still America. We know we have enough space, technology, diversity, and freedom to sustain an array of social views and lifestyles.

American’s history has also proven, starting with the Tea party in Boston, that discussing, even to the point of arguing, what I should think and telling me what I have to think are two very bold choices that bring about two very different results.

For individuals wanting to be part of same-sex transgender relationship all I can say is hats off. Of course, as a free people we can argue the implications to “our” society.

Even though a majority of Americans live fundamentally traditional lives, most accept that other people many not… even if they disapprove.

Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor.

On the question of Houston for instance…

Houston — a city with a three-term lesbian mayor.

Did you get that?

Texas, the land of cowboys, macho to the point that bulls cower, with traditions steeped on simple life styles. Houston, the most populous city in Texas and the fourth-most populous city in the United States. Red meat country.

The city has elected a lesbian mayor three times for gosh sakes.

Well… Houston voters rejected an anti-discrimination ordinance for the transgendered (among others).

Into the act comes media to create a culture under siege and fix the wrongs of voters who have elected a lesbian mayor three times in a row.

Blind to the reality of Houston voters, a New York Times editor went for the throats of Houston City voters branding them as people with blood on their hands and being transphobic. Hear the attempt to use power and might to try to cajole and shame?

By the look of things, plenty of voting Houstonians believe that they are capable of handling such social interactions without the city council meddling in.

And perhaps they are irked by the city council trying to micromanage their lives.

As much as the NY Times, and anyone else for that matter, may want to try to tell me what was meant or what my thoughts were for every vote, America is still a Texas style land of the free and the brave. You asked Houston to vote and they did.

Wonder if the NY Times editor gave any thought to what the devil the voters in Houston Texas were doing electing a lesbian mayor, once, twice and even a third time.

Has to be the ruination of Texas.

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