Our Country

Leadership as compared to governing has always been an interesting topic to me. And the whirlwind duo of political correctness and regulation “gotchas” presents its own life time of wonder.

Studies used to guide our country’s policy making until, oops, years later they turn out to be opinions not facts, is another favorite. Their “trust me” baffles the intelligence of people who have lived long enough to be in the active adult over 55 years old club.

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Government regulations from unelected bureaucrats create and enforce countless new laws and regulations on Americans - many with just one vote from Congress.

Government Regulation and Unelected Bureaucrats.


Government Regulation by unelected bureaucrats has the potential to be America’s downfall. Unelected bureaucrats create and enforce countless government regulations on Americans – many with just one vote from Congress. Congressman vote once for a law with thousands of pages. Then they “will” it to unelected government bureaucrats in the agencies to figure out

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