About Healthy Living Club 55.

Healthy Living Stan Brown walking in a March of Dimes event.

Stan C Brown – Healthy Living Club 55 editor and publisher.

Welcome to Healthy Living Club 55. We are the home for active adults over 55 years old to find entertaining, informative and provocative thoughts. Conversation starters you might not normally run across as you go about your daily lives.

Healthy Living Club 55 is a tablet based magazine with new articles daily of interest to Active Adults 55+. A “best of” articles posted is published by email to subscribers weekly on Friday.

Healthy Living Club 55 editorial goals.

I am an Active Adult over 55 years old; that’s me in the picture. When asked where I get my ideas for articles, it’s pretty easy. My life has taken me through all of the same bumps and bruises and wonderful and exciting times that you have traveled. And with four children, plenty of excitement to go around.

I dwell on topics that I think an inquisitive, active adult would be interested in. Our readers are also great at sending us interesting ideas to write about. Since we are all going through this together, your ideas will be right in line with what others want to know about.

I am much more than happy to see you share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of an article you are reading. If an article provokes you to discuss it at dinner or think about it later, come back and add your thoughts for all of us to enjoy. I’ll be watching and may even offer my two cents worth.

There aren’t any references to political parties, candidates or their faults in this collection of articles. My dinner party conversation is refreshing and all the better for it. I hope you will honor that when making your comments.

To add your thoughts to an article all you need to do is click on “Make a Comment” at the bottom of an article, add your name and email address, then comment away. If you see someone else’s comment and it makes you want to add a thought, same process.

To alert us to an idea you would like us to research and write more about, send it to me at Stan@HealthyLivingClub55.com.

HealthyLivingClub55.com is, after all, about enriching and expanding all our lives.

Welcome new readers. Take a look around. I hope you enjoy this collection and subscribe to any one of our email newsletters for new and fresh thoughts.