New regulation “gotchas” come with their own form of political correctness. “I can’t believe you don’t understand why you have to do this.” Together regulations and political correctness make an unbreakable bond with a dare not to obstruct.

A regulator’s opinion comes with just enough truth to disguise the 90 percent lack of common sense.

I am not going to try to convince you either way. The articles are from resources that you may not be exposed to in your normal reading and discussions.

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Government regulations from unelected bureaucrats create and enforce countless new laws and regulations on Americans - many with just one vote from Congress.

Government Regulation and Unelected Bureaucrats.


Government Regulation by unelected bureaucrats has the potential to be America’s downfall. Unelected bureaucrats create and enforce countless government regulations on Americans – many with just one vote from Congress. Congressman vote once for a law with thousands of pages. Then they “will” it to unelected government bureaucrats in the agencies to figure out

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